bathroom tiling

Cairns Bathroom Specialists is among the best bathroom renovation companies in Queensland, Australia. We provide professional services in bathroom design, bathroom installation, tiling, and bathroom renovation. All our employees are qualified, and they can competently provide home improvement services that can exceed your expectations. Over the years, we have provided high-quality bathroom renovation services to various clients in residential and commercial homeownership.

Bathroom tiling may sound simple but it is a task that needs experience and attention to detail in order to provide a quality finish. Our Cairns specialists offer experienced tiling services that can improve the feel and look of your home. If you don’t know what it takes to install tiles in your bathroom, don’t practice the DIY but contact a professional bathroom fitter for your help. We are adept at bathroom tiling and repair, and you can always rely on us to deliver seamless results. With many years of experience, we can install sorts of tiles, such as natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, and glass tiles.


Types of tiles you can choose for your bathroom

  • Porcelain Tiles – long lasting, premium tile for a luxury bathroom
  • Ceramic tiles – cost effective and easy to maintain
  • Marble tiles – premium look and feel, works well with modern bathrooms, timeless style
  • Mosaic – very fashionable choice, can be made from ceramic, glass or marble
  • Limestone – great choice for natural toned coloured bathrooms
  • Slate – great for high traffic bathrooms, robust in nature.
  • Vinyl – highly practical, low maintenance
  • Glass – water resistant, doesn’t stain, comes in loads of colours and low maintenance
Depending on the size and shape of the tiles, sometimes you may fail to get your expectation if the tiling is done by incompetent people. However, with our installation experts, you are assured of getting flawless results as per your expectations. To deliver impressive outcome, we strictly adhere to the bathroom tiling processes, such as surface preparation, waterproofing, and tile re-sizing. If you don’t know the types of tiles that fits your bathroom, our tiling experts are willing to offer you free consultation at any time you contact us. We offer professional advice to help you enhance the beauty of your bathroom while keeping within your budgets

Selecting the right tiles for your bathroom can make the installation process faster. Before you buy tiles, contact us for guidance; we will help you procure tiles that matches your ensuite or bathroom. Bathroom tiling entail following some laid down steps, and if a particular step isn’t followed appropriately,  it will affect the success of the bathroom renovation. If you are not sure of tiling, don’t risk installing tiles by yourself or incompetent person. The DIY exercise may seem affordable for now but turn out to be expensive in future.  If you want someone to install tiles in your bathroom,call us now for free consultation and quote.


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